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  • Cleaner Agriculture
  • Carbon Harvesting
  • ​Less Green House Gases

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Carbon Farming with Bamboo
  • Carbon dioxide levels are increasing.
  • ​Global Warming is a major concern.
  • Enviromentally Friendly - it's never been more important to streamline the Farming and Fertilization industries to be more friendly to the envioment.  
  • BioChar - is a useful addition to soil.
  • BioChar provides the farmland with the carbon it needs to flourish.
  • ​BioChar made from Bamboo is one of the best sources for improving farmland and agriculture.  
Partner with our BioChar Division
  • Our parent company, OnlyMoso USA, has become the leading Commercial Bamboo Farming company in the United States.
  • ​Our BioChar Division Harvests Mature Bamboo Culms to make Bamboo BioChar.
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About OnlyMoso USA & Bamboo Biochar

OnlyMoso was launched in Italy in 2014 and quickly word of our mission spread throughout the country. Today OnlyMoso Italy has over 1,000 farmer partners and over 4,000 Acres of bamboo in the ground and has sold its’ entire shoot production for the next two years.

OnlyMoso is committed to educating the US agriculture community about the commercial benefits of a bamboo crop and the profitability of a bamboo plantation. We provide bamboo plants for clients worldwide who want to benefit from the harvest of this multi-purpose plant. With our assistance, you can learn how to grow OnlyMoso Bamboo harvest yourself and reap the benefits from its production.

We have operations in Europe, China and America.

Call (877) 340- 6755 or Fill Out The Form above for More Information
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